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What is the Mentoring Mansion's Home Experience Intensive?

It is four incredible days with Devi Titus!

The Home Experience Intensive combines the luxury of a five star hotel with the intimacy of an elegant home. In this environment, Devi and her team train women in creative home management and vital relationship skills. While participating, women will experience the pampering of a spa, the spiritual renewal of biblical meditation, the culinary exposure of gourmet dining with simplicity of preparation, and expert instructors with practical demonstration and application.

Devi Titus, a mother to many, has opened her personal life and created a unique environment so you can enjoy an experience of a lifetime!

Restoring the Dignity and Sanctity of the Home

In 1788, Edward Gibbon wrote one of the most widely read books of all times, THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. He stated five basic reasons great civilizations whither and die. The first reason listed was:
"The undermining of the dignity and sanctity of the home which is the basis for the human society."

If the home is the basis for human society, and we want to improve our society, then one can conclude that our homes must improve. The atmosphere of love or hate, joy or anger, peace or chaos will determine whether your home has dignity and sanctity or whether your home will be undermined. That atmosphere will also determine the destiny of those who live there.

The Mentoring Mansion is committed to helping you restore the dignity and sanctity of your home.

Focus On Rebuilding

Devi Titus now offers the comprehensive, four-day Home Mentoring Intensive. This unique training will impact and motivate you to introduce greater value into your home. You will learn and practice new creative home management techniques and biblical principles to help your vital relationship skills.

By attending a four day Home Experience Intensive you will be one of only eight women in this luxury mansion setting who will receive innovative skills from Devi and her associates. This intimate encounter will inspire you to develop an atmosphere of love, peace, and joy to all who enter your home.

Today's home atmosphere can be simple yet elegant, doable and enjoyable. Learn how to make every day a celebration with fun ideas and simple solutions using new home-keeping techniques. Rebuild your home values by learning new skills and sharpening old ones. These four days will change your life.

Make Your Home A Haven of Rest...

Is your home a haven of rest or a cave of confusion? Learn to be a peacemaker and make your home a haven of rest where your family finds refuge. You will discover how to eliminate chaos from your home with organization and time management skills. Experience peace as you learn to give understanding and acceptance.

...And A Sanctuary of Love

Love and peace are two basic human needs which are met through the relationships in your home. Learn the value of understanding people's uniqueness in order to fully love and accept them. Your home can be the place where everyone who enters encounters God's love.

For more infomation about the Mentoring Mansion, or to be placed on a waitlist for future intensives, please email us at

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