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"When I started this Living Smart Journal it was my desire to provide inspiration by giving you wisdom that I have learned through the years. If it is possible to “mentor” through print that is what this journal is all about. Actually, I’d rather have you over for coffee, but since that can’t happen for most of you, I invite you in my life by providing this resource for you. It is personal, educational, and motivational. I am convinced that most of us live way below our potential and just a little bit of encouragement can lift us to a new level—a higher level of living.

Certainly, I do not have all wisdom, therefore I have put together a team of women who are dear friends and have excelled in the life-topic that they write about.

Every article has wisdom to add to your experience and you will elevate to a new way of thinking. Read. Print. Save. You will collect a valuable tool of wisdom to keep and to share."

-Devi Titus 2:3-5


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